Practical skills : Effective suckling

(Video uploaded 15/03/2015)


Title: Practical skills : Effective suckling

Narrator: The last key point is baby's effective suckling. When your baby attaches onto your breast well, he will suckle effectively. If your baby suckles effectively, you can see: your baby's cheeks stay rounded while suckling; he takes rhythmic, long and slow suckles, and pauses occasionally. In this way, your baby will get enough milk. More milk will be produced and you won't have sore nipples as well. Then, what's about the poor attachment and ineffective suckling? If your baby does not attach well, you can see: his mouth is not wide open; his lower lip is not turned outwards and his chin does not touch your breast. At the same time, you can see the lower part of areola more than the upper part. If that happens, he will have rapid and shallow suckling. He pulls away from your breast repeatedly or even refuses to breastfeed. If you wish to know more practical tips on breastfeeding, you can consult the healthcare professionals.