Is the baby getting enough milk?

(Video uploaded 15/03/2015)


Title: Is the baby getting enough milk?

Narrator: Tip number 5, how to tell if your baby is getting enough milk. When your baby gets enough milk, in the first few weeks, your breasts will become softer and less full after feeds. However, you may not notice the changes in the first few days as your milk hasn't come-in. Also, you should be free from sore nipple and breast during breastfeeding. How to tell from the baby that she is getting enough milk? You can observe whether she appears content and satisfied after feeds, and check her pees and poos. On the first two days, your breastfed baby will have one to two wet nappies a day. On the third and fourth day, she will have at least 3 heavier nappies a day. From the fifth day onwards, she will have 5 to 6 heavy nappies daily. Being heavy means the nappy weighs as having 3 tablespoons of water soaked in it, and the urine is clear or light yellow. Then, what is the poo for a breastfed baby like? On the first day, your baby will pass some black or dark green muddy stool called meconium. She will change from passing meconium to yellowish poo in the first five days. The texture also gradually changes from loose or pasty to seedy. In the first month, she will poo at least two times every day. From one month onward, the frequency of pooping decreases gradually to only once every other day or once every few days.