What can I do if my teething baby bites during breastfeeding?

(Video uploaded 04/2018)


What can I do if my teething baby bites during breastfeeding?

When your baby starts teething, she may have sore gums. Some babies will bite the nipple while suckling the breast to relieve the discomfort of the gums. Usually, it is only temporary.

You can try the following methods to reduce your baby biting nipple:

  • Before breastfeeding, use a frozen teether to soothe your baby's discomfort gum. During breastfeeding, relax and choose a comfortable position, this will facilitate your milk flow
  • Breastfeed your baby in a relaxed environment. Make eye contact or touch your baby, talk to her softly. Paying attention to your baby can reduce her stress or overexcitement so can avoid your nipple being bitten by her
  • Most babies bite the nipples at the end of nursing while they are not hungry.  Therefore, we recommend you to release your baby from the nipple earlier when she is almost full. You should also praise your baby when she suckles well and did not bite your nipple

If you baby bites your nipple, stay calm and do not push her away. This will only hurt your nipple since she will bite even harder. You should hold your baby closer to your breast, so that she will release from your nipple naturally. You should also stop breastfeeding for a while, and look into your baby's eyes and talk to her firmly, "If you want to have mommy's milk, don't bite; biting makes your mommy painful." You don't need to yell and she will soon learn how to suckle properly.