My baby is not willing to sleep, what can I do?

Why does my baby refuse to sleep?

Most babies do not have a bedtime routine before 3 months old. They spent around half of the sleeping time in a light sleep mode, so they will wake up easily. At around 3 months of age, babies tend to sleep for a longer period at night and sleep less in the daytime, usually not more than 3 to 5 hours. Also, the sleeping time for every baby is not the same.

How can I help my baby sleep well?

Provide a comfortable environment for your baby to sleep. Adjust to a comfortable room temperature and ensure good ventilation. Clothe your baby appropriately. It is important to emphasize the differences between day and night. The room should be well-lit in the daytime. The light should be dim at night or during sleep. A night-light can be used to reassure your baby that he is in familiar surroundings. When your baby is awake in the daytime, actively play and talk with him. This will prevent him from sleeping too much in the daytime and not sleeping in the night time. Moreover, let him sleep when he gets tired, such as, when he has drooping eyelids, yawn or rub his face against you.

My baby needs to be held to fall asleep. He will wake up once I put him down. How can I change that?

One of the commonest bedtime problems is poor sleep habit. If your baby gets used to falling asleep only when being held, he will be annoyed when you put him down. To change this habit, you need to help him to establish a good bedtime routine. Begin to help your baby establish a bedtime routine when he is around 2 to 3 months old. The essence is that your baby should be fed, have his nappy changed and be relaxed enough to be in a bedtime mood before you put him in bed. You can talk to him or sing him a lullaby, and allow him to sleep gradually. Help him associate activities with going to sleep and let him fall asleep on his own. There is no single best way and you can try out what works best, taking into consideration of your baby’s temperament and the usual activities.