How can I prevent pregnancies? What are the contraceptive methods?

How can I prevent pregnancies? What are the contraceptive methods?

Under the Family Health Service of the Department of Health, Maternal and Child Health Centres provide Family Planning Service to the public. Through the Family Planning Service, women of child bearing age can learn about the advantages, disadvantages and special features of different contraceptive methods, such that an appropriate method could be chosen.

A variety of contraceptive methods including male condoms, oral contraceptive pills, injectable contraception, intrauterine device (IUD), foaming tablets and emergency contraception are available at Maternal and Child Health Centres.

For male condoms, apart from contraceptive use, they can also help to prevent sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS. Hence, it can be used in conjunction with other contraceptive methods for such purpose.

Oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive injectables and copper containing intrauterine devices (IUDs) have higher contraceptive efficacy than the male condoms. If you want to have more information about oral contraceptive pills, contraceptive injectables and copper intrauterine devices, you can listen to their relevant information in our system.

Apart from the above methods, can I choose to use foaming tablets?

Foaming tablets (spermicide) act by killing sperms and is not a very effective contraceptive method. The failure rate is even higher in younger women, so it is better to use them together with condoms.

What is emergency contraception?

Emergency contraception is used to reduce the chance of unintended pregnancy after contraceptive failure (e.g. when a condom breaks during intercourse, when contraceptive pills have been missed), or when unprotected sex occurs.

It includes emergency contraceptive pills and the copper containing intrauterine devices (IUDs). The sooner the emergency contraception method is adopted, the more effective it is.

What should I consider before choosing sterilization?

If you have completed your family and have no wish for having more children, then you can consider choosing sterilization. However, you should discuss with your partner and think carefully before the decision. Factors like the number of children you have, their physical health and your marital relationship should all be taken into considerations. You should be aware of alternate methods of birth control before choosing sterilization.

Where can I have sterilization?

Female sterilization is performed in hospitals of Hospital Authority providing specialist gynaecology service. Male vasectomy is performed in specialist surgery service and also in Family Planning Association. Referral letters to the specialists can be obtained from general practitioners, general out-patient clinics or Maternal & Child Health Centres. You may consult private doctor for sterilization as well.