Changing diapers tips


Titleļ¼šChanging diapers tips

Narrator: First, unfasten the nappy tabs and fasten them back on themselves. Fold the dirty diaper in half under your baby to cover the soiled side and place your baby's bottom on the unsoiled side. Then wipe and clean your baby's front. For baby girl, always wipe from front to back to reduce the chance of bacteria getting into her urinary and vaginal openings that are situated in front of the anus. Use a new baby wipe or cotton wool every time. Pay attention to the folds of skin, like those between the bottom and the thighs. Also, a baby girl's genital is delicate and may be easily hurt, so don't scrub hard or excessively. When wiping the bottom, lift your baby's legs using one hand and raise her bottom slightly. After cleaning, use dry cotton wool to pat dry her buttocks. Remember to retape the soiled diaper before disposing it into the bin. The next step is to put on a new diaper. Place a clean diaper, the half with the taps underneath your baby's bottom. Fold the other half up between her legs. Fasten the taps to the front part of the diaper. The diaper should be snug but not too tight. If the diaper is too loose, the stool may leak out from the sides. If it is too tight, it will cause discomfort. Avoid covering the umbilical cord if it is still attached. This can keep the cord dry and prevent the stool coming in contact with the cord. When changing a diaper for a baby boy, the steps are similar. To avoid getting a warm shower from your baby, unfold the diaper slowly and check before wiping. Then fold the dirty diaper in half under his bottom and clean his front and back as mentioned previously. This time, pay attention to the areas around the scrotum.