Baby bath time

(Video uploaded 07/2019)


Title´╝ÜBaby bath time

Scene: Bathroom

Sub-heading: Add cold water before hot water

Narrator: Fill the basin with cold water then hot water when preparing for a baby bath. About 5 to 8 cm of water is enough. Remember to test the water temperature with your elbow or a thermometer. 37 to 38 degree celsius is the ideal water temperature for bathing babies.

Scene: Room with the water basin on a table.

Sub-heading: Get everything ready

Narrator: You may add a little baby soap or bathing gel if you like. Put everything needed within your reach before bathing your baby. These include the water basin, baby soap or bathing gel, clean clothes, towels, a diaper, cotton wool balls and cold boiled water. Turn on a bathroom heater in cold weather. Remove all accessories from your hands and wash them before bathing your baby. Prepare the clean clothes first by putting one layer of clothing inside another. In this way, dressing your baby can be made quicker. Undress your baby, leaving only the diaper on. Wrap him with a big towel to prevent him from wiggling around. Support your baby's body with your forearm. Use your underarm to hold his feet in place.

Scene: Bathing the baby by washing his hair first.

Narrator: Support the back of his neck and his head with your hand. Rinse his head from the front to the back in a circular motion. Be careful not to let water and soap drip into your baby's eyes and ears. Put baby on a firm surface and towel dry immediately. Take off the diaper, wipe your baby's bottom thoroughly if he has soiled. Carry the baby with your arm supporting his head and neck. Hold your baby's arm with one hand and grip his feet with your other hand. After putting your baby into the bath, release his feet. Then, you can wash the baby. Pay attention to clean the skin creases such as under his armpits, thighs and neck. Turn baby around slowly and use one hand to support his jaw and chest when rinsing his back. Avoid letting water run into his mouth and nose. Afterwards, place him on a firm surface and dry your baby especially the creases thoroughly. Put on the diaper and clothes for him immediately. You can clean baby's eyes and face at this time.