Is breastfeeding easy?

(Video uploaded 15/03/2015)


Title: Is breastfeeding easy?

Narrator: Is breastfeeding difficult? Many say that newborns need frequent feeding, sometimes they have to be fed more than ten times a day which is really a great challenge to mothers. Let's listen to Wendy's sharing…

Wendy: Don't fear the hardship! Why moms give up and switch to formula milk? Because many new mothers fear the hardship. No matter what way you choose to feed your baby, breastfeeding or formula feeding, our bodies are weak and we get tired easily after delivery. Nobody could ever replace me to breastfeed my baby. That makes me so proud because only I can do it for my baby. No one… nobody else can do it.

Narrator: Do breastfeeding mothers require more effort than formula feeding mothers? The first 4 to 5 weeks after birth is an adjustment period. Mothers need to learn about breastfeeding skills, the breasts also need to calibrate the milk supply according to the baby's needs and the babies need to master the suckling skills. Therefore, when compared with formula feeding, breastfeeding mothers may spend more effort and time at the beginning; they need to nurse more frequently. By around 4 to 5 weeks, the amount of effort spent on breastfeeding or formula feeding a child is more or less the same. Once the breastfeeding mother and baby settle into a good routine, life can be much easier. You can breastfeed anytime anywhere without any preparation.

Narrator: Then, is breastfeeding easy? Let's see what Sonia another breastfeeding mother says…

Sonia: My baby is now 5 months old and I have exclusively breastfed him since he was born. I plan to breastfeed him as long as possible. I thought I would know how to breastfeed as soon as I gave birth. I assumed breastfeeding is a natural instinct and is easy to manage. Seems it doesn't require any particular skills. But, it does.

Narrator: What Sonia said is right. Indeed you need to prepare yourself mentally and learn how to breastfeed. You can learn the skills from healthcare professionals. After the initial adjustment period, breastfeeding is indeed a natural and easy task.