Practical skills : Mother and baby's nursing position

(Video uploaded 15/03/2015)


Title: Practical skills : Mother and baby's nursing position

Narrator: (Your nursing position) First of all, you need to have a comfortable nursing position. If you are sitting, you will feel more comfortable with your back forearms and both legs being supported. Use a pillow or towel to support your back, forearms and elbows and use a footstool to support your legs. Besides, you can try lying down or other positions that work for you and your baby. (Your baby's nursing position)Your baby's nursing position is also very important. When you hold your baby, his head and whole body should be supported by your hand. Let your baby face the breast, keep his body close to you, make sure his head and body are in a straight line. Don't let his neck get twisted, bend forward or far back. Otherwise, he cannot swallow breastmilk easily.