Family support

(Video uploaded 15/03/2015)


Title: Family support

Narrator: Tip number 7, involve the family. To breastfeed successfully, besides learning the practical skills, it is also important to gain support from your family. So how can your family support you? They can help you with housework and play with the baby so as to let you rest up, pamper you, and encourage you by telling you “Great Job! We'll always have your back”, all these will work for you. Before breastfeeding, your partner or other family members can give you a back massage. This helps you to relax to have a better milk flow. If you encounter any difficulties in baby care, seek help from healthcare professionals with your partner. The fathers play an important role in breastfeeding. Let's listen to what Winca's father says…

Winca's father : Although breastfeeding is tiring but my wife insists to do so because she wants to give our baby the best, she breastfeeds our baby even in restaurants, shopping malls and coffee shops. I'm proud of her bravery and determination.

Narrator: Let's listen to what Hiu Yan's father says…

Hiu Yan's father: I am Hiu Yan's father. She was breastfed till two years old. In my opinion, breastfeeding needs both determination and effort. I never doubt the benefits of breastmilk because it is the most natural and precious gift for our baby. If the mum can take on breastfeeding, why should I be against it? I will support her no matter what.