I just started introducing my baby to solids, what foods are suitable?

I just started introducing my baby to solids, what foods are suitable?

When your baby is about six months old, just trying some solid foods, it is common to start with rice cereal or wheat cereal. Foods that are easily turned into thick substances or purees and less allergenic, like fruits and vegetables are suitable choices. So you can choose bananas, pears, papaya, pumpkins and etc. Egg yolk is a good source of iron. Prepare egg batter by squashing a cooked egg yolk with some water and feed it to the baby.

Remember to introduce only one new food at a time. Spoon-feed your baby one teaspoon of new food each time and continue for two to three days. If your baby does not have allergic reactions, then start her on a different food. In the meantime, you can gradually increase the quantity. You can add these foods to breast milk or formula milk and gradually thicken the cereal.

My baby has already got used to eating cereal or congee, what else can I let him eat?

You can gradually add in tofu, egg yolk, fish, pork, chicken, or beef. These foods are rich in iron and zinc. Continue to let your baby try different kinds of fruits and vegetables. Mincing meat to a suitable texture for your baby to absorb nutrients, and enhance her chewing ability.

Parents need to remember that if only meat soup or double-boiled meat juice are given, babies cannot obtain the nutrients inside the meat.

A lot of people suggest to feed babies with eggs or beef only after one year old. Is it true?

The latest medical research indicates that, unless babies have known food allergy, delaying the introduction of solid food to babies cannot reduce allergies. You can let your baby try foods that are less allergenic first, like rice cereal, fruit and vegetable purees and egg yolk, then gradually add other foods like eggs white and beef. Most 1 year old babies should have tried the daily family foods on the table.