After my baby starts eating rice cereal, how should I feed him?

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After my baby starts eating rice cereal, how should I feed him?

Most 6 months old babies drink milk regularly, around 5 times a day, and do not need to have night feed after sleep in the night time.}

When babies are in the early stage of trying rice cereal and other solid foods, they can only eat only small amount of thin rice cereal or other purees and the varieties would be limited. They are still drinking milk as the main diet to get nutrients, so both the frequency and the amount of milk offered should not be reduced.

When solid foods were introduced, feed him only 1 to 2 times a day in the beginning. When he gets used to the solids, the frequency can be increased to 3 times a day. Feed him with solids first when it is about time to have milk. Do not let him to try solids when he is really hungry, because he would be eager to have milk and not have interest in the spoon. Supplement him with milk after he finishes the solids. Let him decide the amount of milk.

As your baby can chew and swallow thicker solids, he will eat more solids and drink smaller amount of milk. Therefore, the foods provided by parents must be iron-rich and in an appropriate texture, so as to supply the energy required.

When new foods are added or when the texture of solids offered is turning rough, he may not be able to accept. He may eat less solids and need more milk. So parents need to observe carefully, feed milk according to his needs. When he is full, not willing to suck more, turns his head, pushes you or the bottle, parents should stop feeding him.

At the age of eight to nine months, most babies no longer need milk supplement after feeding solid foods. They eat solid foods 2 times a day, drink milk 3 times a day, with a total of around 500 to 600 ml per day.

The development of eating solid foods has individual variations. Parents need to feed babies with solids and milk according to their babies' adaptation progress.