What will my sex life be like after menopause?

How will my sex life be like after menopause?

Women will have less prominent sexual characteristics (e.g. sagging breasts) and less sexual desire because of the decrease in estrogen after menopause or other health problems. However, less sexual desire does not mean that sexual function is lost after menopause. There is no standard on the normal frequency of sexual activity between couples. Most couples still experience high contentment from sex and have harmonious sex life with their mates after menopause of the female partners.

How can I maintain a close marital relationship if sex life becomes infrequent?

Sexual activity is not only referring to vaginal intercourse. Hugging, kissing, caressing, solo and mutual masturbation as well as oral sex are sexual activities commonly practised by many couples.

Having a sincere communication with your mate is the most important in maintaining a close marital relationship. A message of care and kindness, a tender smile, a hand-in-hand stroll or a gentle kiss with soft whispers before bedtime helps to maintain a close marital relationship.

What can I do if I feel pain during sexual intercourse?

If soreness is due to dry vagina during sexual intercourse, you can seek help from a family doctor. It can be improved by applying appropriate lubricating jelly or taking medication such as hormonal replacement therapy.

For further details of information about sex life in menopause, please browse the webpage of Family Health Service of the Department of Health. The website is www.fhs.gov.hk.