How to soothe a crying baby

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Title´╝ÜHow to soothe a crying baby

Narrator: What do you do when your baby is crying?

Scene: Daddy goes to the crib when baby is crying. He checks and changes the wet nappy, then rock baby gently in his arms.

Narrator: First of all, you need to find out why your baby is crying. A baby may cry to indicate his basic physical needs, for instance, he cries when he is hungry or when feeling uncomfortable with his wet diaper. At other times, your baby may need a sense of security from your cuddles and physical closeness. As baby's crying has the basic function of signaling needs, don't worry about spoiling him by comforting and holding him when he needs your soothing. Not until babies are 8 to 9 months old that they would have the ability to whine for your attention. So you won't be spoiling your baby by holding him. You may check on your baby's need step-by-step before you pick him up.

Scene: Daddy checks on baby's neck and back to see if he's too hot.

Narrator: Try one method at a time in soothing your baby. This enables you to find out what is the effective way to manage your baby's crying.

Scene: Daddy picks up baby after checking various possibilities.

Narrator: Avoid being too worried and hurried. Doing many things at the same time would only over-stimulate your baby and make him feel even more tense and uncomfortable. If your baby still continues crying intensely after you have tried the above methods he might probably have what we call infant colic. If so, you may carry him upright against your chest and shoulder. Swing or jiggle lightly. Slow down your movements when your baby calms down. If you still haven't figured out why your baby keeps crying, you can try to give him a pacifier for sucking comfort. If you are breastfeeding your baby, do not give him a pacifier as it will cause nipple confusion in him. Give a pacifier only after he is over one month old. Or you can place your baby on a rocking chair. These are only some suggestions in soothing a crying baby. You can share with your family, relatives and friends on how to console a baby. Whatever methods you try, you should always keep calm and put your baby's safety at the first place. If you have worries and concerns about your baby's inconsolable crying take your baby to the maternal and child health centre or consult your family doctor or paediatrician.