Breastfeeding Friendly Premises: Introduction

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Title:Breastfeeding Friendly Premises: Introduction

Narrator: A mother is breastfeeding in a shopping mall.

Two staff members start to gossip about her action and ask her to breastfeed in a toilet. The mother feels sad.

A manager notices and educates his staff not to ask the mother to feed in the toilet. The manager introduces what a Breastfeeding Friendly Premises is…

Manager: Did you know that breastfeeding brings a lot of health benefits to both baby and mother? Breastfeeding promotes brain development, helps intestinal digestion and enhances the baby's immunity. This is why more mothers are now choosing to breastfeed to give their child the best possible start in life.

As a community, we can support these mothers.

Let's start by making our premises more breastfeeding-friendly.

A “Breastfeeding Friendly Premises” is a place where nursing mothers and their families feel welcome and mothers feel supported to breastfeed anytime, anywhere.

As a staff member in your premises, here are some things you can do to support breastfeeding mothers.

When you see a mother breastfeeding, don't disturb her.

If a mother wants more privacy, you can offer her an appropriate location, like a babycare room or a quiet corner within the premises.

Remember that different mothers have different preferences, so respect their choices on where they want to breastfeed.

Above all, do try your best to assist breastfeeding mothers and their babies whenever they need it.

If you ask a mother to breastfeed in the toilet, you aren't being very supportive. Not only that, it is simply inappropriate! Toilets are dirty and filled with germs that can be harmful to a baby. Would you be willing to eat your meal in a toilet?

Today, many venues like restaurants, shopping malls, public transport facilities, theme parks and hotels have already pledged to support mothers choosing to breastfeed. They have become Breastfeeding Friendly Premises.

We are going to be a Breastfeeding Friendly Premises. And we are counting on your help.

Narrator: If you want to become a member of our breastfeeding support community, please contact UNICEF Hong Kong “SayYesToBreastfeeding” at 2836 2913 or School of Nursing at the University of Hong Kong “Breastfeeding Friendly Community Initiative BFCI”

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This video is produced by the Family Health Service of the Department of Health.