Breastfeeding Friendly Premises: Attitude

(Video uploaded 02/04/2020)


Title:Breastfeeding Friendly Premises: Attitude

Narrator: The manager coaches the two staff in the mall about the right attitude towards breastfeeding mothers and how to provide assistance to them…

Manager: Every mother has her own preference on where to breastfeed. Some like to have more privacy, and some mothers want to continue having their meal or chatting with their friends while they breastfeed. And that is absolutely fine!

Just because there is a babycare room doesn't mean she has to use it. A mother can choose to breastfeed at any place that is comfortable for her.

No matter where a mother is breastfeeding, don't disturb her. There is no need to ask her to cover up or move.

If a mother wants to breastfeed in private, you can show her where she can go.

Just remember, never ask her to feed in the toilet!

Toilets are filled with germs and bacteria that make it unhygienic for breastfeeding. We would never eat our meals in a toilet, so we should not expect babies to do so.

There are other ways to be supportive too. Sometimes other customers may have concerns about seeing a mother breastfeed in public. You can explain to them about the breastfeeding friendly policy at your premises. Help them understand that babies need to be fed when they are hungry.

Now that you understand all the breastfeeding-friendly features at your premises, you can both be breastfeeding ambassadors! Wear these badges so breastfeeding mothers and their families know that they can come to you for help.

You'll also need to help other staff members when they have questions about how to assist breastfeeding mothers.

All staff members can become breastfeeding ambassadors once they complete the training. We're counting on you to make our premises breastfeeding friendly!

Narrator: If you want to become a member of our breastfeeding support community, please contact UNICEF Hong Kong “SayYesToBreastfeeding” at 2836 2913 or School of Nursing at the University of Hong Kong “Breastfeeding Friendly Community Initiative BFCI”

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