Breastfeeding Friendly Premises: Frequently Asked Questions

(Video uploaded 02/04/2020)


Title´╝ÜBreastfeeding Friendly Premises: Frequently Asked Questions

Narrator: This venue management has arranged for staff to attend breastfeeding friendly premises training. Two staff members who have completed training now become breastfeeding ambassadors. They are confident in supporting breastfeeding mothers. They are going to share with you about how to manage some common scenarios.

Manager;What can you do if a mother is occupying the babycare room for a long time, and others are waiting to use it?

You can first gently knock on the door and find out if the mother needs any help. Politely remind her that other mothers are waiting to feed their babies.

In fact, a notice specifying the 30 minutes duration for use can be posted inside and outside the room.

At the same time, other staff members can offer alternative feeding spaces to the other mothers, like a secluded seating area or a fitting room in a retail boutique, or provide some information about nearby breastfeeding facilities.

When you offer a secluded area in the venue, the mother may have concern on privacy issues when there is CCTV installed.

You should let the breastfeeding mother know whether CCTVs are installed nearby.

Let her decide whether she would breastfeed here. You may also offer a nursing cover to protect the mother's privacy.

Breastfeeding Friendly Premises welcome all customers, whether they are breastfeeding mothers or not.

If you can meet the needs of the customers, you can create a quality customer experience for them.

Remember that it is you, a staff member, who can make a Breastfeeding Friendly Premises truly inclusive and welcoming.

When you provide mothers with a friendly and comfortable environment for breastfeeding, they will eagerly share their experience and recommend your premises to their friends and families. There's no better publicity than word-of-mouth!

If you ever run into any questions or problems, your manager is always there to help.

Nowadays, more and more mothers would choose to breastfeed their babies. Let's support them by making our premises breastfeeding-friendly!

Narrator: If you want to become a member of our breastfeeding support community, please contact UNICEF Hong Kong “SayYesToBreastfeeding” at 2836 2913 or School of Nursing at the University of Hong Kong “Breastfeeding Friendly Community Initiative BFCI”

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